Editorial Policy

Welcome to Free-Extras.com! This blog, managed by Alex Johnson, is committed to providing accurate, engaging, and valuable content about technology, including smartphones, apps, and other gadgets. Here’s a detailed overview of the editorial policy that guides all content on this site.


The purpose of Free-Extras.com is to offer reliable, informative, and inspiring content for tech enthusiasts. The goal is to help readers stay updated on the latest advancements in technology, make informed decisions, and fully enjoy their tech experiences.

Content Creation

All content on Free-Extras.com is created or curated by Alex Johnson to ensure it reflects firsthand experience and genuine passion for technology. The topics covered include:

  • Detailed reviews of smartphones, apps, and gadgets
  • Practical how-to guides and tutorials
  • Insights and analyses of tech trends
  • Recommendations and buying guides
  • Personal reflections and experiences in the tech world
  • Interviews with industry experts and other tech enthusiasts

Research and Accuracy

Accuracy is of utmost importance. A significant amount of time is dedicated to researching each topic to ensure the information is current and reliable. Multiple sources are cross-referenced, and the content is backed by extensive experience and knowledge in the tech industry. If a topic extends beyond the site’s expertise, industry experts are consulted to provide the best insights.


Transparency is a core value at Free-Extras.com. All reviews and recommendations are honest and based on personal experience. If a post includes affiliate links or sponsored content, this information is clearly disclosed upfront to maintain trust and credibility with readers.

Ethical Standards

Free-Extras.com adheres to the highest ethical standards in content creation and publication. This includes:

  • Respecting intellectual property rights and providing proper attribution when using external content or ideas.
  • Ensuring all reviews and recommendations are unbiased and based solely on their merits.
  • Avoiding conflicts of interest by maintaining independence from companies and brands being reviewed.

Community Engagement

Free-Extras.com values the community of readers and tech enthusiasts who visit the site. Feedback, comments, and questions are highly appreciated. The site strives to create a respectful and welcoming environment where everyone feels comfortable sharing their thoughts. Comments are moderated to prevent spam, abuse, and inappropriate content, ensuring a positive experience for all readers.

Corrections and Updates

Free-Extras.com is committed to maintaining the accuracy of the information provided. If an error is discovered in any post, it is promptly corrected and the content is updated. Older posts are periodically reviewed to ensure they remain relevant and up-to-date. Readers are encouraged to report any errors or outdated information so it can be addressed promptly.

Guest Contributions

While most content on Free-Extras.com is created by Alex Johnson, the site occasionally features guest posts from other knowledgeable tech enthusiasts and industry experts. Guest contributors are carefully selected to ensure they meet the same high standards of accuracy and reliability. All guest content is reviewed and edited before publication.

Advertising and Sponsorship

To support the operation of Free-Extras.com, the site sometimes engages in advertising and sponsorships. Partnerships are only formed with brands and companies that align with the site’s values and the interests of its readers. Sponsored content and advertisements are clearly marked to distinguish them from editorial content. The commitment to providing unbiased and honest information remains unwavering, regardless of advertising relationships.

Editorial Independence

Free-Extras.com maintains complete editorial independence. The content is driven by what is believed to be most valuable and interesting to readers, not by external influences. Advertisers and sponsors do not dictate the content of the posts.